Younger or Older Game Printable

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Having a birthday coming up? Looking for a fun but challenging game that everyone will enjoy? Play this Younger or Older game to have everybody entertained!

The object of the game is to guess if the birthday celebrant is younger or older than the things mentioned on the game cards. Is he or she younger or older than roll on deodorant, Ashton Kutcher and Doritos? Guess and find out. The person with the most answers correct wins the game! With an answer key included, it's a simple, quick game for any women's birthday party.

The game requires no real preparation and you can play it with your family, friends, co-workers or employees for a fun and competitive party together.

This Younger or Older birthday game comes as printable files, so you can print right from your computer and hand it out to your friends and family! A detailed instruction guide on how to print the game and cut out the cards is included. And if you don't want the hassle of printing the game yourself, you can have them printed at a print shop as well. Various file formats are included so that the game is accepted at most print shops.