Word Search New Year Games

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Spend the last minutes of the year searching for the most festive words with a fun Word Search New Year game! The Word Search game is a great game for all ages to play at your next New Year's party.

The printable word search puzzle is a New Year game where you have to find all the New Year's Eve related words of the list. The words are horizontally, vertically and diagonally hidden in the grid. Once you have found each word, cross it off the list. The unused letters form a hidden message, and it's up to you and your guests to figure out what it is!

The game can be played at home, but it's also a great New Year themed game for in the classroom or at an office party. The person who finds the hidden message first, wins! Be sure to have a fun prize on hand for the winner.

This New Year's theme Word Search game is an instant download, so you can print right from your computer and hand it out to friends and family! A detailed instruction guide on how to print the game and cut out the cards is included. And if you don't want the hassle of printing the game yourself, you can have them printed at a print shop as well. Various file formats are included so that the game is accepted at most print shops.