Scattergories Game Printable

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Looking for a fun game to play at your next event? Our Scattergories games is the perfect game for you! The scattergories game will help break the ice and get everyone in the mood for a fun time together.

It's a hilarious word game that will keep your guests entertained as they try to come up with words that match the categories at the bottom of the card using the letters in the word given. Watch your friends' minds go blank as they struggle with these brainteasers. The person with the most words filled in when the time's up, wins!

The game is an instant download. After purchase, you will have instant access to the files. Simply download the files, print the game on card stock paper, and trim the game cards. And if you don't feel like printing the scattergories cards yourself, you can get them printed at your favorite print shop instead. Make sure to bring some pencils and settle in for a hilarious and competitive event!