Printable Halloween Charades Games

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Warm up your guests with a game of Halloween Charades. It's a fun game that can be played in groups of all sizes and ages and will make a great icebreaker game for your party. The game is not difficult to play - all you have to do is pick up one card from the deck and act out that word as best as you can without speaking. You'll get points for how well your teammates guess what word it is!

The printable charades game includes 40 unique cards to allow you to play for hours without repetition. And if 40 cards is not enough for you Halloween party, create even more with the editable template. Finish the cards with the beautiful back and you're ready to get that party started!

After purchase you will receive instant access to the files so that you can start downloading and printing right away. This makes this Halloween Charades game a great last minute addition to your Halloween party. Print the cards right from your computer in a matter of minutes or have them printed at you favorite print shop.

A detailed instruction guide with tips & tricks on editing, trimming, paper choices and more is included with your purchase.