Mommy or Daddy Baby Shower Games

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You're about to throw a baby shower, but you're at a loss for games to play with your guests and the parents-to-be. Look no further! Our Mommy or Daddy baby shower games are fun guessing games for the expecting parents-to-be and a great way to find out who knows them best.

The Mommy or Daddy game is a great game for a coed baby shower. It's a guessing game where guests have to guess what answers the future mom and dad have given. Let your guests choose between each of the two options on the game cards and see who has the most answers correct.

Print the baby shower Mommy or Daddy game out at home or order it from your favorite print shop. We recommend printing on a nice heavy card stock or even mixed media paper for highest quality feel. If you don't feel like printing the baby shower printable yourself, you can get it printed at your favorite print shop instead.

Make sure to bring some pencils and settle in for a lighthearted event!