Birthday Drink If Game Printable

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Have you ever wished there was a drinking game that focused on celebrating and getting to know your guests? That's exactly what we've created. Get a birthday Drink If game before your next birthday party and prepare for some drunk fun!

This printable game lets everyone have a chance to drink when they think the phrases on the game cards apply to them. We've included phrases like "You have lipstick on", "You drank in round 1" and "You've been hungover this week". Read each phrase, starting with "drink if". Whoever can answer the phrase affirmative, has to take a sip.

You can play this game with wine, beer, champagne, cocktails, shots, margaritas, or even tequila. Prepare for a lot of drinking and a lot of fun!

This hilarious birthday party game comes as instant printable files. Print out the game cards at home or order them from a print shop. We recommend printing on a nice heavy card stock for highest quality feel. We've included a detailed instruction guide to make the process as simple as possible.